Rosy Brown DUNE 192.001.100 Ligne Pure
Dim Gray DUNE 192.001.100 Ligne Pure
Sienna DUNE 192.001.100 Ligne Pure
Black DUNE 192.001.100 Ligne Pure
Rosy Brown DUNE 192.001.100 Ligne Pure
Dark Khaki DUNE 192.001.100 Ligne Pure
Saddle Brown DUNE 192.001.100 Ligne Pure
Dark Olive Green DUNE 192.001.100 Ligne Pure
Ligne Pure

DUNE 192.001.100

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Composition: 20% Indo-Nep Wool / 80% Hemp Handknotted

Height: Varying

Weight: 3 kg/m2


LIGNE PURE has always been synonymous with a product made of the highest quality materials combined with traditional artisanship and elegant design. When we first introduced handmade area rugs into our line, it opened an entirely new world of creativity, enabling us to work with a vast array of textures, techniques, and materials. It shows our continuous efforts to blend superior craftsmanship inspired by distinctive design concepts. These decorative rugs come from around the globe and are made of the finest materials to be found anywhere. We translate creativity and imagination into beauty that harmonizes with any choice of interior style. LIGNE PURE designs come in a variety of sizes as well as made-to-measure. They range from classical simplicity to trend-setting showpieces and blend refreshing new style ideas with quality and service at an affordable price. Let us help you bring that final touch of perfection to your home.